Member Story

What brought you to 360?

The need/want to improve my fitness and strength. Having struggled to previously stick to a gym routine for long, I thought I would give CrossFit a try.

What was you first impression?

Really friendly and welcoming community, approachable coaches and fun but challenging WOD’s.

What was your first big achievement?

The one that stands out most for me is probably the first time I tested my Deadlift 1RM. Weights were completely new to me and although compared to many other members mine was not as much as what they had achieved, but for me it was. I was mostly surprised because it tested what I was capable of and turned out being more than what I thought I could do!

What changes have you noticed in yourself since you joined the 360 Family?

The fact that I frequently exercise is a change in itself! Regularly turning up a couple times a week, the knock on effect was toning up and feeling more body confident.

What is your favourite 360 memory?

Too many to choose just one! All the social events, the team challenges (i.e. The Open) are always great fun! When its something that involves everyone – whether its in the box or outside of it – their the best times and the ones that you remember!