Meet Our Team

Jean-Michelle Piers
Jean-Michelle PiersOwner/Coach
What do you do for fun outside of the gym?
I enjoy socialising over a great meal with friends

Favourite WoD & worst movement?
Bodyweight WoD are my strong point & deadlifts are my worst due to an old back injury.

Favourite music?
Funky House

Top 3 movies?
Man on Fire
Coach Carter
Basketball Diaries

What are you reading?
Most of the stuff I read is about training, movement and mobility.

What do you order at bar?
Cider or Single malt Whiskey

Favourite Cheat meal?
Burger King Double Whooper meal with Shake

Morning or evening person?
Definitely a morning person when it comes to training

If you had to describe yourself as animal, what would it be and why?
Phoenix, it represents rebirth, immortality, grace and virtue and is an unforgettable symbol of power, strength and renewal.

Favourite quote?
“My success or failure will not define me as a human being.”

Matt Hamilton
Matt HamiltonOwner/Coach
What do you do for fun outside of the gym?
Live music is always high on the list, love going to gigs & the odd festival.

Favourite WoD & worst movement?
Grace – Fast paces moving some weight.
High rep thrusters have to be worst movement tho!

Favourite music
Definitely indie rock stuff, Kings of Leon, Augustines, Bloc Party, Foo Fighters and anything else along those lines.

Top 3 movies
To watch regularly Old Skool, Wedding Crashers, Hangover

What are you reading?
Everything fitness and business I can get my hands on.

What do you order at bar?
Any Ale/Beer I haven’t tried before, can’t go wrong with grabbing me a Doom Bar tho.

Favourite Cheat meal?
100% Pizza, after I’ve crushed from hard couple weeks training, love nothing more than destroying a meat feast!

Morning or evening person?
This has changed over time, at heart probably an evening person but have changed my ways to become more a morning person.

Favourite Quote?
“Always a white belt”

Ollie DysonCoach
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Mel LangleyCoach
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